Oil Spots

Snapshots through the lenses of Edmonton hockey fans

What is This, Exactly?

When I attended my first Edmonton Oilers game at what was then the Northlands Coliseum, I was so young that I slept through two periods of the game in my baby carrier. I wonder if a seed wasn’t planted that day, though, since by the time I went to my second game at age five, I was already in the early stages of what has proven to be a lifelong love affair with hockey.

I attribute that partly to growing up in Edmonton. It’s the city where fans jammed up Whyte Avenue in sheer celebration after every playoff win in 2006. The city where a smattering of Oilers faithful tore their clothes off in sheer joy and streaked down the sidewalk after another series won. The city that suffered dutifully throughout the following ten years of what stands as the worst decade in team history. It’s because of this city that when I hear the resounding clack of a slapshot, a smile creeps over my face. It’s why the sound of skate blades digging into the ice makes my pulse quicken.

This passion drove me to create Oil Spots. The goals of the blog are simple: to explore everything about the Edmonton Oilers through eyes of the fans who taught me the beauty of the sport, to offer glimpses through the lens of a die-hard hockey city with a storied team, and to explore the significance of the sport in Alberta’s capital. This city is home to one of the most loyal, vocal, and passionate groups of fans in professional hockey; sharing it with the world it my duty and my privelege.

John Amerongen